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29th May 2009



Created by vikkiverka

HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! I seriously completely lost it when I saw that, LOLed so much! Now go! See site! Sign guestbook! No0o0o0o0ow! XD
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ebonystarfire1:21am: Hey everyone!

As if you haven't noticed, unfortunately the contest never happened, because not enough people became involved. Oh well, perhaps I'll try again later, because I'm still interested in making a logo for the site to possibly put on tshirts, business cards, buttons, whatever, ya know? ;)

In other news, if you haven't reciently stopped by the site, PLEASE DO! IT'S BEEN COMPLETELY REDESIGNED AND LOOKS GLORIOUS!!! And feel free to sign our new guestbook too!

Also, you can find us on Myspace as well now, at www.myspace.com/sinterniklaasdotcom so go check it out and friend us!

As far as news in Mike's world, he'll be attending Colossal Con on June 5th!

That's it for now! :)
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20th November 2008

ebonystarfire5:07am: Sinterniklaas.com Contest!

I've decided to go ahead and have a website contest once again, which I'll say is officially open as of now, November 20th! What is this contest, you ask? Well, I'm asking you, the fans, to create a logo of sorts for the website! A catch phrase, a picutre of sorts that represents the site, something like that! Nothing huge though...my thoughts are the winner's logo will be used in banners and business cards that I can hand out at conventions I attend, to help advertise the site and spread the word! Think kinda like the logo Mike made to represent NYAV Post, ya know?

So here are the rules: Keep it basic. You can apply as many times as you'd like, though I'm gonna say no more than 4 times per person please. No more applications will be execpted after January 20th, 2009 so that gives you 2 months to work on this. The applications turned in will then be posted on the site, and the fans will vote on their favorite by emailing their vote to me. The one with the most votes will be the winner...and you will not be allowed to vote for your own application. Those are the rules....now go out there and create, and good luck to you all! ^_^
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8th October 2008

ebonystarfire4:29pm: Calling all Michael Sinterniklaas fans!
Doing my part, spreadin' the word ;)

Do you love you some Leonardo? Go mad for Mahad? Or dare to totally dig Dean Venture? Then this my friends is for YOU! Come check out "Hero in a Half Shell", a facebook group dedicated to the man made of epic win - Michael Sinterniklaas. The group page can be found here:[http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=11750549393&ref=nf]
We also have a 'Fan Page' set up now which can be found here:[http://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Sinterniklaas/31143738950?ref=nf]

So come one, come all! Here you can talk about Mike, your encounters with him, the shows he's been in ... ANYTHING (within reason of course)!

Just remember the golden rule peoples - be respectful. He's a peep just like the rest of us so no hatin' m'kay? And no dub bashin' either! Just because you don't dig the dub doesn't mean the rest of us aren't entitled to.

x-posted in all my Mike-related communities
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25th August 2008

ebonystarfire3:40am: Just for my own record, and the record of anyone else who might care, I'm gonna be posting Mike's involvment in Season 3 of Venture Bros. But first...just so everyone knows, Mike will be coming to New York Anime Festival this September! Check out http://www.newyorkanimefestival.com for more information!

Now, onto the Season 3 episodes....

The first episode of the 3rd season, titled "Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny" had no Hank or Dean, and Mike didn't have any random background character parts either, so he was not in the premiere episode of the season....which made me kinda sad. Oh well...

Mike was included in the second episode of the season however, titled "The Doctor Is In", as Dean.

But then once again, Mike was not involved in the third episode, titled "The Invisible Hand of Fate", because it didn't include Dean (or Hank) and he wasn't asked to do any extra characters.

Mike was in the fourth episode though, "Home Is Where the Hate Is", as Dean. Also in the fifth episode, called "The Buddy System", as Dean and also credited as "Additional Voices" as well. He was mainly the voice of a little Indian boy, who says the line "Why is it so dirty?" in referance to the E-Den, and random other children in the camp as well.

Michael is credited in episode six, "Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman" as Dean, as well as in episode seven, "What Goes Down, Must Come Up"

Dean has a very unfortunate part in episode eight, "Tears of a Sea Cow", so Mike gets credited for that. And Dean is also in the nineth episode briefly as well.

Episode ten "The Lepidopterists" doesn't include any Dean or any other additional part for Mike. Episode eleven though, "Orb", credits Mike as Dean and also "Half-Jackel"

Episodes eleven and twelve are the two-parter final of the season, titled "The Family that Slays Together, Stays Together" (Parts one and two) and Michael is Dean and Dean alone for both episodes. And GOLLY GEE IS IT THE MOST AMAZING ENDING TO A SEASON EVER! That's all I'm gonna say about that.

So, ya see...Mike got to do a few extras like, twice...and Dean really wasn't in all the episodes...I was sliiiiiiiiiiiiightly disappointed. I mean, it's called "The Venture Brothers"...it should be all about the boys. Hank and Dean are AWESOME! They're my favs! ;)

But...that's enough of that...and now you know! lol
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14th July 2008

ebonystarfire4:59am: Found out reciently of another con Mike will be attending!

July 24th-27th, San D Comic Con of San Diego, California
Mike will be doing a Venture Bros panel Friday with the creator of the show, Jackson Publick! Here's what they have posted for the Friday schedule...
5:30-6:15 [adult swim]’s The Venture Brothers— Jackson Publick (creator and voices of Hank Venture, The Monarch, Henchman 24, Pete White and Sgt. Hatred) and Mike Sinterniklaas (voice of Dean Venture) speak about [adult swim]’s original series, The Venture Brothers. Now in its third season, the show picked up after the explosive wedding of The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend from the season two cliffhanger. Room 6B
I'm not sure of any other panels/activities he'll be envolved with, but I know he'll be there! CHECK OUT www.comic-con.org FOR MORE INFO ON THIS CONVENTION!
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2nd July 2008

ebonystarfire4:30am: Hey guys! Just to let everyone know, Mike's on the guest list for Otakon of Baltimore, Md. This con will be August 8th-10th, and I am so there!! Anyone else?

Just thought I'd share the info! Also, sorry Mike canceled for Anime Next, I heard he uh.."had other work to catch up on". That's all I'll say about that. ;) Laters!
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13th June 2008

criticalcrittle3:00am: Canceled!
Just for everyone's information, for those who didn't get this....

[AnimeNext-Announce] AnimeNEXT 2008 Cancellation: Mike Sinterniklaas
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 8:53 PM
From: "Trisha Lynn" <cattleprodlynn@yahoo.com>Add sender to Contacts
To: AnimeNext-Announce@yahoogroups.com

We regret to inform you that due to a new professional obligation,
voice actor Mike Sinterniklaas will not be attending this year's
AnimeNEXT. We wish him lots of luck with this job, and hope that he
can tell us all about it at next year's convention.

Trisha Lynn
Director of Publicity

An unfortunate and very rare event, considering he tends to do this convention almost every year! Sadness. Oh well, I'm sure he must be busy outta his mind right now, to have to turn down this con. Perhaps next year!

~Crittle aka ebonystarfire
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8th June 2008

ookami_love7:13pm: Anime Next!
"Voice actor Mike Sinterniklaas is coming back to AnimeNEXT in 2008.
His most popular castings as a voice actor are Leonardo in the 2003
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and Dean Venture (and other
small parts) in the Swim cartoon The Venture Bros., Leo in Full
Metal Alchemist, Mikey Simon in the Nicktoons Network series Kappa
Mikey, and Mahad in Yu-Gi-Oh!. In the past, Sinterniklaas has dubbed
such shows as Twin Signal, Night Hunters, Magic User's Club, and

If there is anyone going to ANext? I would love to have a picnic with everyone and Mike if we can arrange it. We did that one year when Vic Mignogna came to ANext, so maybe if someone can email him and ask him it'd be awesome.

Anyone willing to help?

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27th February 2008

ebonystarfire2:32am: Contest Entry Winner
For news on the winner of the Michael Sinterniklaas website banner contest, please visit the following link....

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3rd February 2008

ebonystarfire12:51am: Attention Fans!!
ATTENTION FANS!!! THE MICHAEL SINTERNIKLAAS WEBSITE BANNER CONTEST WILL OFFICIALLY BE CLOSED IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!! PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE SENT YOUR ENTRIES IN BY FEB. 14TH!! NO ENTRIES WILL BE EXECPTED AFTER THIS DATE!!! You may send in a total of 2 entries per person. That is the only change to the rules previously posted. For more information on the contest such as rules and where to send your entries, please see previous updates on www.sinterniklaas.com Thanks!

x-posted in all communities I mod
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14th November 2007

ebonystarfire3:57am: **Michael Sinterniklaas Website Banner Contest**

Attention one and all! We're having a contest! What kind of contest? Well, to make the site look super cool for the new year, and to show Michael how much we love him, we're going to be having a website banner contest!

What do you have to do for the contest? Make a banner for sinterniklaas.com containing pics of Mike and/or pics of characters he voices in various shows, and email it as well as a completed entry form to Crittle@sinterniklaas.com. I will officially open the contest and start collecting entries November 14th 2007. All entries MUST be submitted by February 14th, 2008! No entries will be accepted after that date! So, that's 3 months! You've got 3 months to make a banner and enter it! Get on it! ^_^

On the weekend of Katsucon, February 15th-17th, 2008, Michael Sinterniklaas has agreed to look through the entries submitted and select the banner for the website. The winner will not only get their banner used for the website, but will also receive an item special signed by Michael himself!

Please see below for entry rules and form!

Rules and Entry Form

1. Michael wished for me to make it very clear that he would only take part in this contest on one condition, and this is it. As we all know, in any contest there is a winner and not everyone can win. If Mike doesn't select your banner, it does not mean he doesn't appreciate you as a fan or all the work you may have put into making the banner. So, if you aren't chosen, please do not be upset or think that Mike doesn't like you or something like that. Remember, Michael appreciates ALL of his fans. And if you DO win, congrats; but please don't go around bragging about it to those who didn't win. Let's be mature about this contest, and not have battle of the fans because of it, okay? Michael agreed to take part in it, which was VERY very nice of him, and if we get into fights over immature stuff like this, he most likely won't want to do something like this again for us in the future. We don't want that, right? Right. **This rule is going to be STRICTLY ENFORCED!** Anyone who breaks this rule will not only have their banner removed from the site, but will not be allowed to participate in any future contests for the rest of the year.

2. All banners must contain a picture of Michael Sinterniklaas and/or a picture of any character he does a voice for. It must also contain the web address, www.sinterniklaas.com. Feel free to add anything else in there, but please be sure to keep it appropriate!

3. Please follow size requirements. Banners should be at least 100x600 but no bigger than 150x750

4. When you make your entry you should send it as an email attachment along with a completed form. Please send to Crittle@sinterniklaas.com. Please put "Entry" in the subject.

5. Please be aware that if you make an entry in hopes to win, you must be willing to email me your full name and address if you do win. Otherwise I won't be able to mail you the prize. Unless you don't want the prize and just want your banner on the site. This decision is up to you.

~Please contact site admin at Crittle@sinterniklaas.com or on AIM as Dean0Venture with any questions or concerns~

Entry Form
Name (nickname ok):
AIM (if app.):
How you found about about the site/contest:

x-posted in all communities I mod.....cuz I can ^_^
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8th October 2007

ebonystarfire12:56am: Hey everyone! Happy October! So, what's going on? Well, in the Sinterniklaas world....

sinterniklaas.com has been remodeled, thanks to my friend Kyra! Check it out!

October 12th-14th, Mike will be at the Supernova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney, Australia! That's soon...hope he has fun! ^_^

Mike will also be coming to Youmacon in Detroit November 2nd-4th!! Woot!

And of course, he's been confirmed for Katsucon!

In other news, don't forget to check out the official site for Mike's recording studio business, cuz it's been updated and it looks beautiful! www.nyavpost.com ^_^

Welp, that's about it for now!
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13th September 2007

ebonystarfire3:30pm: Hey guys! Good news everyone!!

First, don't forget to grab the FIRST Kappa Mikey DVD, it shall be released September 18th! :D

Next, Mike will be going to a convention in Sydney, in October!How cool is that?!

He's also confirmed for Katsucon! Woot!

For more information, see www.sinterniklaas.com

Check ya later! :D
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22nd August 2007

ebonystarfire1:10am: Major apologies for not posting in so long!!!

Just thought I should let you guys know a few things though, since it's been awhile.

First of all, Anime Next was an absolute BLAST as always, and I can't wait for next year! Otakon, on the other hand, I was not too impress with. They need to get a better hand on their scheduling, and making people aware of who's going to be attending what panel. For example, when you have "Directing Dubs" on your schedule, you should list which guests are going to be running this panel, because some voice actors like Mike direct as well, so they may or may not be attending this panel, ya know? Yeah, stuff like that.

While at Anime Next, I got to talk with Mike alot...and I got to tell him about his website! If you didn't know, I've made a fan based website just for Mike...it's still under some construction, and it's the first website I've ever made, but check it out if you'd like! www.sinterniklaas.com I also got the chance to INTERVIEW Mike as well, after the convention! Something I never thought I'd get the chance to do, and he actually took the time to let me do it! The man is AWESOME, and I'm so VERY GRATEFUL for him letting me to that! THANK YOU SO MUCH MIKE!

It's a little late now, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MIKE!! Mike's birthday was August 13th! ^___^

And in closing news, Mike has been officially confirmed for Katsucon of Washington DC, February 15th-17th, 2008!

And that's all I've got for now! I'm in the process of typing up the interview I got with Mike at Anime Next, and once it's typed up, I'll post it on the fan base, and surely will let you all know when it's up there! :D More news as I get it! Later!
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27th June 2007

ebonystarfire2:46am: Hey folks! It's me, here for another update!

As I said, I didn't make it to PortCon or ColossialCon, but I heard that Mike was very sick with a tummy bug and/or fever for ColossialCon from a friend that attended it as well. Poor guy :(

I never heard how PortCon went though, if he ever got better by then or what...did anyone around here go and could tell me how Mike was?

Anime Next is coming up soon, and Mike will be there! Check www.animenext.org for more information!

Also, don't forget about Otakon as well, Mike will be there too! Check www.otakon.com for more information on that! :D

I shall return with my sotries of how Anime Next and Otakon went when I return, because I'll be at them! ^-^ Check ya later!
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28th May 2007

ebonystarfire10:21pm: Attention one and all! Another long overdue update! I'm really really sorry for slacking here. I sometimes forget about it, since I'm trying to keep 2 other communities and a website updated and stay in the loop with things on 4 different fourms as well...I'm sorry :c

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few cons Mike will be attending soon, in case you didn't know!

~Colossalcon 6 of Independance, OH June 15th-17th For More Information, see http://www.colossalcon.com/2007/ Althought they don't have Mike up on their official site as a guest yet, I saw on their fourms that they had Mike listed as a guest. If this information isn't correct, I'll be sure to let you know asap! I'm hoping it's right though and they just haven't updated the site yet.

~PortConMaine07 of South Portland, Maine June 22nd-24th See http://www.portconmaine.com/index.htm for more information!

~Otakon07 of Baltimore, MD July 20th-22nd See http://www.otakon.com/default2.asp for more information!

I won't be going to Colossalcon or PortConMaine, but I'll totally be at Otakon since it's only 40 minutes away from my house after all! Hope you all can make it to these cons, and if you'll be at Otakon, I'll see ya there!

No other new news to report at the moment, but be sure to check http://www.sinterniklaas.com/ often, as I tend to update it more then here...shame on me, I know heh.

Later! :D
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11th March 2007

ebonystarfire4:14am: Attention Mike Fans! Sorry for lack of update!
Hey one and all! I'm so very sorry I've been slacking in updating here!

Mike's been to Katsucon and NY Comic Con and will be attending an anime convention in Toronto, Canada the 16th-18th of this month I believe!

Please see the following site for my reviews of the past two cons and news as to the next cons Mike will be attending!


I'm sorry for being a slacker, and I'll try to keep this community better updated in the future!

Go Team Mike! :D

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21st January 2007

mg_winxclub2:13pm: Katsucon!
Mike is listed as one of the guests at the Katsucon 13 Anime Convention!


3rd January 2007

ebonystarfire10:46pm: Vote for Mike!
Attention everyone!! Please go to the following site and vote for Mike Sinterniklaas to show your support of our beloved voice actor!!


Even if you're not that into anime....just at least vote for him and make up stuff for the rest of it....that's what I did for some of it >.> lol


2nd December 2006

ebonystarfire3:49am: Happy Holidays!
Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! I come bringing good news!

Mike has officially been added to the list of attending guests for Katsucon 2007! Katsucon is an anime convention in Washington DC, and this year it will be Feb.16th-18th! If you wanna meet Mike, I definately sugegst this convention! This will be my...3rd year I believe...attending this con, and every year so far it's been a blast! Hell, this was the convention I FIRST MET HIM at! Good times, good times.

For more information, please visit the official site: www.katsucon.com

Mike will POSSIBLY be attending NYC Comic Con as well, the weekend after this con....but that's a big maybe. I'm only saying this because he went LAST year...but he's not on the list of guests yet this year. I'm not 100% sure if he's doing it or not, since he's not on the guest list yet and it's the weekend after Katuscon...I don't know if it's too much for him or if he already has plans or something. It's right in the area where he lives though, so...We'll see. I'll keep you updated!

As far as Mike's shows go....

~Nickelodean will be showing a Kappa Mikey Christmas special sometime next week!! I don't have the exact day yet, but I know there will be one because I saw a commercial saying they'd show one Christmas special every night at 7...or 8 (I forget) starting next Monday and among the ones they mentioned, Kappa Mikey was in there. So next week between 7-8ish pm keep a look out for the Kappa Mikey Chrismtas special!! If I find the exact day out before hand I'll let you know!

~adult swim will be playing a Venture Bros MARATHON Christmas Eve! :D This being my favorite show ever, I'd have to say this is the best Christmas present I'll ever get! The last 2 episodes from Season One, then ALL of Season Two will be playing all Christmas Eve! WOOT! I'm sure they'll be playing the Christmas special too, though I'm not exactly sure of when yet. I'll let you know!

That's all for now! Happy Holidays everyone!

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31st October 2006

ebonystarfire1:12am: Hey guys...bad news everyone. Yes I've been watching Futurama too much. Anyway....appears that though Mike was invited to Youmacon thanks to the efforts of emails/other forms of requests sent to Youmacon by fellow fans.....he has been too busy to reply and unfortuantely won't be attending this year. A friend of mine even went to Anime Weekend Atlanta just to ask/remind him about Youmacon and he said sorry, that he had forgotten about it but would check his schedule and let them know once he got home. Guess he forgot again lol. He DOES have like a million things on his mind at once though, so maybe next year heh.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP though, it was great to see that the effort everyone put in at least got him invited, and I appreciate that!

In other awesome news, AWA also included something awesome for me, though I wasn't there. My friend ALSO got me a voice mail from Mike! How cool is THAT?! I love it! THANK YOU IVEY, and thank you Mike! ^-^

Well, that's all for now, sorry I've been slacking on updating this but life's been kinda crazy for me lately. No new cons for Mike that I'm aware of until Katsucon in Feb 2007. If I find he'll be at any other cons before then I'll update, as well as if I get any other awesome news invloving him heh. I won't start posting more news about Katsucon though, until they start posting the "official list" of attending guests...Mike NORMALLY attends, but of course you can never assume things. So as soon as I get the offical word I'll let you all know! ^-^


Til next time, laters!
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21st September 2006

ebonystarfire1:46am: ATTENTION FANS!!!

I'm so sorry I didn't post this sooner, I'm such a slacker but...

It appears that Mike will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta this weekend!

I know one, possibly two friends that'll be going to this...anyone else?


Still no news of Youmacon, but I hope to have an update result from THIS con...

Until next time!


21st August 2006

ebonystarfire12:01am: Oh man Mike....
Today was the premiere of my offical favorite Venture Bros episode of this season. Love Bheits. Yes, it was a Dean based episode.

There's this one part, where Dean screams out in terror....and man, it's the highest pitched scream EVER. It's funny cuz afterwards the character with him goes "I'm fixed,what's your excuse?" lol

Seriously though, I need to ask Mike how the hell he pulled that off. If he can do a scream that high NORMALLY, well.....WOW. Just...wow XD

Keep watching adult swim Sundays at 1030 for Mike in action as Dean in new Venture Bros episodes!

In other news, Kappa Mikey is now showing on regular nickeloden Sundays at 11am, for those of you who are interested but dont get the nicktoons channel! Keep an eye out!

I'm still not sure at the exact status of Mike's being invited to Youmacon, but I'll be certian to keep you posted! :D

31st July 2006

ebonystarfire12:49am: A piece of Anime Next
Look, someone put this on youtube! XD

The story behind this, before you watch it...is as follows....

The night before, myself and a group of friends had had a *lovely* adventure at a NYC bus station. We, not being from around there...got lost in the station trying to find our correct bus home. Some acted normal to this, others freaked out, while others sat back and watched in amusement. We ended up finding our bus finally and making it back safely of course, but it's a moment I'll never forget.

Anyway, next day at the Leading Roles in Voice Acting panel staring Mike S. and Vic M., a friend from our group got a cahnce to ask the guys a question (the line was cut off after her, so I never got to ask mine sadly) and she asked the guys to do an improv of Leonardo from TMNT (since Mike voices him) and Ed from FMA (Vic). They asked doing what? I shouted LOST AT A BUS STATION in memory of our little adventure, and she told them that, and here it is....XD


Something I shall not soon forget lol
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