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Calling all Michael Sinterniklaas fans!

Doing my part, spreadin' the word ;)

Do you love you some Leonardo? Go mad for Mahad? Or dare to totally dig Dean Venture? Then this my friends is for YOU! Come check out "Hero in a Half Shell", a facebook group dedicated to the man made of epic win - Michael Sinterniklaas. The group page can be found here:[]
We also have a 'Fan Page' set up now which can be found here:[]

So come one, come all! Here you can talk about Mike, your encounters with him, the shows he's been in ... ANYTHING (within reason of course)!

Just remember the golden rule peoples - be respectful. He's a peep just like the rest of us so no hatin' m'kay? And no dub bashin' either! Just because you don't dig the dub doesn't mean the rest of us aren't entitled to.

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