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I've decided to go ahead and have a website contest once again, which I'll say is officially open as of now, November 20th! What is this contest, you ask? Well, I'm asking you, the fans, to create a logo of sorts for the website! A catch phrase, a picutre of sorts that represents the site, something like that! Nothing huge thoughts are the winner's logo will be used in banners and business cards that I can hand out at conventions I attend, to help advertise the site and spread the word! Think kinda like the logo Mike made to represent NYAV Post, ya know?

So here are the rules: Keep it basic. You can apply as many times as you'd like, though I'm gonna say no more than 4 times per person please. No more applications will be execpted after January 20th, 2009 so that gives you 2 months to work on this. The applications turned in will then be posted on the site, and the fans will vote on their favorite by emailing their vote to me. The one with the most votes will be the winner...and you will not be allowed to vote for your own application. Those are the go out there and create, and good luck to you all! ^_^
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