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The Michael Sinterniklaas Fan Community

....for fans of him and his works...

Michael Sinterniklaas Fans
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Michael Sinterniklaas and his works
Welcome to the Michael Sinterniklaas Livejournal Community! If you're a huge fan of Michael Sinterniklaas, or any of his characters in shows he's been apart of such as Dean Venture in Venture Bros, Trey Racer in Shaman King, Leonardo in TMNT, or Mikey Simon in Kappa Mikey to name a few, this is the place to be! Hang out with fellow fans, talk about Mike, his roles, his studio NYAV Post, conventions he attends....whatever you like, as long as you stay on topic of the community!


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Here are some rules, cuz every community needs them:

~1. FIRST AND FOREMOST!! There will be NO CREEPY FANS ALLOWED HERE!! By "creep fans", I mean no posts containing things such as "I love Mike and he loves me I want to marry him", no fanfics of you and him together, no love implied drawings of you and him, etc. Nothing stalker-like. We are here to express our love for Mike and his works, but not in a romantic way! *I*, the mod, will be the one to determine if something is "creepy fan"-like or not, but if you have an issue with someone's post, please tell me and I will deal with it. **This is the most important rule of this community and if you break it, rest assure that I along with many other fans of Mr. Sinterniklaas will be very upset with you...it will be bad. So don't do it, k? Good.**
~2. No drama! None of this "I'm a bigger fan of Mike then you" or "Mike likes so and so more then you cuz blah blah blah" stuff. We're not here for "Battle of Mike's Fangirls" k? If you have any problems with this, once again please address me and I will deal with it.
~3.LJ CUTSAny pics, large groups of icons, and/or long stories need to have an lj cut please!
~4. Have fun! Enjoy all that is Mike Sinterniklaas and his works!
~5. *ANY* questions or concerns, as previously stated, should be addressed to the mod of the community, ebonystarfire
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