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A piece of Anime Next

Look, someone put this on youtube! XD

The story behind this, before you watch as follows....

The night before, myself and a group of friends had had a *lovely* adventure at a NYC bus station. We, not being from around lost in the station trying to find our correct bus home. Some acted normal to this, others freaked out, while others sat back and watched in amusement. We ended up finding our bus finally and making it back safely of course, but it's a moment I'll never forget.

Anyway, next day at the Leading Roles in Voice Acting panel staring Mike S. and Vic M., a friend from our group got a cahnce to ask the guys a question (the line was cut off after her, so I never got to ask mine sadly) and she asked the guys to do an improv of Leonardo from TMNT (since Mike voices him) and Ed from FMA (Vic). They asked doing what? I shouted LOST AT A BUS STATION in memory of our little adventure, and she told them that, and here it is....XD

Something I shall not soon forget lol
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