Crittle (ebonystarfire) wrote in m_sinterniklaas,

Oh man Mike....

Today was the premiere of my offical favorite Venture Bros episode of this season. Love Bheits. Yes, it was a Dean based episode.

There's this one part, where Dean screams out in terror....and man, it's the highest pitched scream EVER. It's funny cuz afterwards the character with him goes "I'm fixed,what's your excuse?" lol

Seriously though, I need to ask Mike how the hell he pulled that off. If he can do a scream that high NORMALLY, well.....WOW. XD

Keep watching adult swim Sundays at 1030 for Mike in action as Dean in new Venture Bros episodes!

In other news, Kappa Mikey is now showing on regular nickeloden Sundays at 11am, for those of you who are interested but dont get the nicktoons channel! Keep an eye out!

I'm still not sure at the exact status of Mike's being invited to Youmacon, but I'll be certian to keep you posted! :D
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